Over it

A churning in my stomach
Discord in my center
I’m uneasy

Empty surfaces
Hiding wells of frustration
Keeping my head down

Just make it through another day

Just make it through another day

But there’s always a day after that to make it through too.



my whole perspective

a world of possible

the door before me

a quiver of doubt

a flood of uncertainty 

foot forward

no looking back


I’m sorry

I’ve neglected you
It’s been too long since i thought of you
Touched and caressed you

You’ve been absent from lips
Far from my fingertips

We use to laugh to together
I’d cry in your tender arms

You always did have a way of helping me figure things out

I miss you
I love you
I’m sorry I’ve neglected you so long

I’m not complete without you

My dear
My sweet

Poetry, please take me back.


You marbled faced Olympians
Sculpted to golden means
Your cold smiles
Chiseled abs and chests
Hold us captive

Skin white like marble
You’re a statute
To aspire to,
A statue
To kneel before

I hope you crumble
I hope you fall

Make room for smoother bodies
Brown and beautiful in every shade
Sink down into the tears you’ve brought
Drown in their sea

May we never gaze on you again
May your marble be bust
May you burn away in lust


an escape

I’d like to slip away
In my daydream
Let the soaring music
Warm sun and breeze
Be my tender escape

To simpler days
When life was bright
And loved ones close

To youthful ease
And climbing trees
Give me fields and flowers
I’ll lay down these grown-up powers

I dream of the days of promise
When the future was ripe with potential
hung like fresh fruit

Let me slip away.



His eyes
Her ass
Followed like a hawk

The things we do
Of watchers watch

Check me
Checking you

I’m just here to dance
to shake my ass
Not be harassed

Drink til you feel powerless
Let me undress, caress

Pinned down
Or bound up
They’ll get in, off and around to the next
In a never ending conquest


Hide it under a bushel

Tainted love
Shadowed by fear
I want so badly to scream it from rooftops
But am regulated
Stifled and beaten back

Living life in uncertainty
Fragility and futility
Negative energy

I need a good cry
I need to scream

I need release

I need an out


Regret nothing

I could never be the things you wanted from me. That white dress on our wedding day, a slave at your feet. Now I’m a just a fish drowning in a big pond, glory-less in my days. I want it back all the same, but wouldn’t change it for what I have now.



If I could only have back those years.
All the pretending has fucked me over,
Not that you can tell or see, or want to , or would care.

I never fit, just a square fag in a round world, they pegged me in a hole.
Filled me with fear and doubt, made me hate myself.

If I could only have back those years.
If I could have been free to fly.
But I was a freak in need of caging, only fit for dirty looks and passing insults.


Creator’s Cure

A soul engulfed in consumption

can only be cured by creation.

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