i am promise slowly fading

as life beats the shit out of you day by day


your low wages stealing your hope

the long hours robbing you of potential


don’t fear though

the dreamers and thinkers will pacify you

weaving stories and spectacles between the reminders of your inadequacy

this is my empire of broken promises


The American Dream

Elusive and indefinable
magnificent and marketable
This American Dream.

Father Washington did you dream of me?
Franklin, Jackson, Abraham?

Who’s dream is this American dream?
Is it Malcolm’s or Martin’s, or could it be Marx’s?

This dream is a struggle.
This dream deals destruction.
This dream is a double edged sword.

It flew out of the cities and into the suburbs.
It left urban decay, poverty, hoods and ghettos.

Then it made you riot and march when they stepped on you.
Stand up for yourself and demand your rights.
Your rights to dream, to live and to love as you are.
Your desires to prosper.

But this dream if not shared deceives.
This dream keeps you busy.
It keeps you fighting to get ahead.
This dream sells you debt and disease.
It gobbles up land and cuts down trees.
Its promises of comfort and plenty are never enough.

This dream is broken, because its American.
Its the dream of children at the helm of an empire.



dream time

ponders and pleasures

I’ll weigh the balances and measures

mornings clean light will birth clarity

or so I hope

or so I dream or hope to dream



now is not the time for settling

I won’t be content

to lie down

to give up

and just go on

to play it safe

keep my cards close

and helmet on

we could never take flight

with out leaping first

hoping our wings were strong enough

wishing for more than earth

we reached the stars

now is the time to dream


Tonight we hunt

We sharpen our knives

make ready our arrows

and pack light

we will not stop

we will not falter

there is only one who we hunt

one whose reign must be ended

the one invented goodbyes

the one who determined that good things should end

we must bring this tyrant to his knees

we will slay this monster

we will take hold of the forever that belongs to us

we will seize the dreams that forged in love

and never say goodbye again



do you give up your dreams

to fit in someone else’s box?



wrapped in my sheets

I never want to leave

go back to sleep and dreams

and fantasies

close my eyes

you are here next to me



oh life

how we chase it

like dogs chasing cars

abandoning our comforts

forsaking the familiar

in search of an elusive future

Yet this is our lot

if we do not chase after anything

we will sit and wait for nothing

we will lie, sleeping in the sun

instead of reaching for the stars


dreamin in the burbs

Two teenage lovers looked up at their limitless future. Pins and markers marked the map of their great American road trip. Lines traced coast to coast.  He ran his fingers through her auburn hair as they lay on her bedroom floor, her head nestled on his chest. Behind them a dull and standard easy childhood trapped in a safe suburban prison. Ahead of them the open road, danger, freedom and adventure. 

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